Algeria closes its airspace to Moroccan civil and military planes

14:00, 23 September 2021
Algeria closes its airspace to Moroccan civil and military planes Photo:

The move comes as a response to “unceasing provocations and hostility practices of Morocco” and worsening disputes between the countries.

Algeria’s administration announced on Wednesday that it would immediately close its air borders to any plane coming from Morocco as well as aircraft registered there. The decision was made during a meeting of the High Security Council led by President Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

Algerian officials have adopted this measure after examining the situation on the frontier with Morocco. According to a communiqué published by Algerian authorities, they have taken into consideration the continuation of provocations and hostility coming from Morocco.

Morocco has not given comments on the situation yet.

According to Royal Air Maroc, the restriction affects only 15 weekly flights to Tunisia, Egypt, and Turkey. It has added that the monetary damage is not expected to be large.

Algeria cut its diplomatic relations with Morocco on August 24 after months of rivalry and reciprocal accusations. The last drop came from Morocco's envoy in New York Omar Hilal after he gave comments on Algeria’s Kabylia region and its right to self-determinate.

Morocco is also accused of supporting MAK, a separatist group regarded as terrorists by Algeria. Algerian officials accuse the group of igniting wildfires, predominantly in Kabylia, that took the lives of at least 65 people. MAK has denied the allegations.

Morocco also considers Western Sahara as part of its territory while Algeria supports its independence.