Algeria cuts diplomatic ties with Morocco over rising tensions

14:46, 25 August 2021
Algeria cuts diplomatic ties with Morocco over rising tensions Photo: Carsten Koall/dpa/Global Look Press

Algeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Ramdane Lamamra announced that his country is cutting diplomatic relations with the neighboring Morocco following “hostile actions”.

“Algeria has decided to cut diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Morocco from today,” he said in a statement.

The announcement comes after Morocco's leader Mohammed the sixth called for the opening of the borders between the two countries back in July.

However on the 18th of August Algeria said that it has decided on “reviewing” the relation with Morocco, after blaming it for the destructive wildfires. 

The borders between the two countries have been officially closed since 1994.

Both countries share problematic relations as Morocco considers Western Sahara as part of its territory while Algeria supports its independence and finances the Polisario Front, which is a nationalist organization that strives towards establishing Western Sahara as an independent country.

“The Moroccan kingdom has never stopped its hostile actions against Algeria,” the Foreign Minister added. 

Morocco on the other hand retaliated by saying that Algeria’s actions are “unjustified” and expressed regret over the further worsening of the countries’ relations. 

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