Bandits light bus on fire, kill 30 in Nigeria

13:21, 08 December 2021
Bandits light bus on fire, kill 30 in Nigeria Photo:

Nigerian bandits in Sokoto state torched a bus killing at least 30 people indicating the growing instability in the country.

The bus was carrying 24 people when gunmen torched it causing all those who were inside to burn to death, according to the spokesman for the northwestern Sokoto state police Sanusi Abubakar.

Locals who arrived at the scene said that the real number of deaths is at least 30 as the bus was completely full with burnt women, men, and children.

The attack took place on a road which connects Sabon Birni to Gidan Bawa village.

The presence of bandits and gunmen in the country is at its record levels despite the government’s vows to tackle the problem.

Mostly the North and the central territory of the country are the areas with the most criminal activity with gangs and bandits settling down there.

Back in September gunmen killed at least 34 people in Madami village and freed over 240 prisoners from a prison in a raid. 

In July, 136 children were abducted from a school for ransom. Parents were forced to sell everything they had to save their children. But when an old man attempted to deliver the ransom, he was also abducted. 

The bandits don't follow a political agenda or a religious ideology instead they commit the crimes only for money or something else.

The deteriorating situation in Nigeria is being blamed not only on the gunmen but the government itself as it does not provide the necessary security and control.

As earlier due to the lack of control of the quality of boats from the government a boat capsized killing nearly 30 people most of whom were children.