Boat capsize in Nigeria leaves at least 29 dead

16:59, 01 December 2021
Boat capsize in Nigeria leaves at least 29 dead Photo: Pixabay

Nearly 30 people died in Nigeria after a boat capsized in Nigeria’s state of Kano.

Most of the people who died were children aged between six and twelve who studied at a local Islamic school.

“We have recovered 29 bodies … and rescued seven passengers. The search for the remaining 13 bodies is ongoing,” Saminu Abdullahi, the spokesman for Kano state’s fire service said in a statement.

They embarked on the boat in order to attend a nearby religious event.

The exact reason of the tragedy is unknown however considering the fact that capsizing boats in Nigeria is a frequent thing it is safe to assume that the reasons may include bad maintenance, the age of the boats as well as overloading of passengers.

“[The boat was] meant to ferry 12 adults but the skipper packed such a number of children onboard,” Abdullahi said.

The boat was en route from Badaun village to the city of Bagwai and was carrying at least 50 people.

Last week a similar accident in Nigeria left seven girls dead. While in June 13 wedding guests and in May over 100 people were also killed due to a capsized boat.

Earlier, it was reported that a 69-year-old man was returned to safety after he battled waves for 22 hours straight by himself off Japan.