Child serial killer beaten to death by crowd in Kenya

16:06, 15 October 2021
Child serial killer beaten to death by crowd in Kenya Photo: Carpodacus/CC BY-SA 4.0/

Masten Wanjala slipped custody on Wednesday but could not avoid the mob’s vengeance in his home village.

The murderer of at least ten little boys Masten Wanjala was strangled by local residents after he had escaped custody two days ago, Kenyan police representatives have reported.

After Wanjala had fled a local police department, he headed towards his parents’ house in Bungoma, 200 miles (320 km) away from the capital Nairobi, where he was found by neighbors who strangled him, local newspaper Kenya's Standard reports.

Presumed photo of the dead offender has been shared on the Internet.

Bungoma's police executive Musyoki Mutungi has said that the family, who had disowned their son, identified his body.

"It is the curious villagers who first identified him and went ahead to kill him even before the police could be informed," he told the news media.

Earlier, the criminal confessed to the police that he had killed at least ten kids in the last five years. He added that he had drugged some of them and drunk their blood. Wanjala told boys that he was a football coach to kidnap them, sometimes using them to get a ransom.

The murderer was arrested in July and unveiled the details of his crimes to the police. He fled the department on October 13; three officers were charged with aiding the escape of a suspect and negligence after the incident which raised a wave of public indignation in the country.