Fire in Niger school, 26 children dead

12:23, 09 November 2021
Fire in Niger school, 26 children dead Photo: Ahmadou Atafa/

A deadly fire broke out in the Southern Niger school on Monday, the local governor said. 

“Right now, we have 26 dead and 13 injured, four of them seriously. The children were aged between five and six,” said Chaibou Aboubacar, mayor of Maradi city. 

The classrooms reportedly were made out of straw and wood which caused a fatal blaze. The mayor of Maradi city said that the Monday fire destroyed three wooden classrooms. All classes at the school have been suspended.

Niger is considered one of the poorest countries in the world. The local authorities  have tried to solve the problem of school buildings shortage by constructing straw and wood sheds to serve as classrooms as children sometimes might sit on the ground.

The blaze in highly flammable classrooms is not uncommon in the country.

In April, at least 20 schoolchildren were burned to death in a school fire in a working-class district of Niamey.

President of Niger Mohamed Bazoum has recently vowed to replace the wooden school buildings.