Scorpions kill three, injure hundreds in Egypt’s Aswan

14:02, 14 November 2021
Scorpions kill three, injure hundreds in Egypt’s Aswan Photo:

At least three were killed and hundreds were injured after scorpions filled the homes and streets of Egypt’s city of Aswan following storms.

Around 450 people were injured by the scorpions.

The number of snakes has also risen in the city as they were washed into the city along with the scorpion after heavy rain.

The health ministry provided cities and villages of the area with additional anti-venom packages while the medical staff that worked on vaccinating from COVID-19 now switched to treating scorpion and snake venom.

Egypt has one of the most dangerous scorpions on earth as it’s black fat-tail scorpion can kill a person in less than an hour using its venom. 

People were advised to stay at their homes, close windows and avoid places with many bushes or trees.

The symptoms of venom in blood are difficult breathing as well as muscle twitching and strange head movements.