Significant Covid spread in Africa as vaccination stands still

18:48, 07 July 2021
Significant Covid spread in Africa as vaccination stands still Photo: Maria Dyveke Styve/ BY-SA 3.0

The continent is experiencing the worst wave of Covid ever.

There are currently around 640000 infected people in Africa, according to Johns Hopkins University’s data. The previous record number was set in January with 528 000 active cases

The pace of new cases growth increased by almost 200% in the period from June to July. Consequently, the number of deaths rocketed.

Like many other countries, the African continent is also suffering from the new type of Covid called Delta.

ONE, a non-profit organization dealing with extreme poverty, calls the situation woeful because the data collected is very limited which means the scientist can hardly understand the evolution of the virus. It highlights that only a dozen countries are able to carry out mass testing.

According to ONE’s report, over the last 2 weeks, the statistics of hospitalization in Africa grew by 80%. Several countries do not have enough life-crucial medicine; numerous patients have died while waiting for a place in hospital.

ONE also reports that only 2% of 3 billion vaccines produced in the world have been allocated to the continent, though its demand surpasses any other. It is indicated in the report that those countries which have already vaccinated their entire population should share the shots.

Vaccination rates in Europe and the US are incomparable with those of Africa: since May the number of vaccinated citizens in Europe has grown from 39.8 per 100 people to 69.8; from 54.8 to 74.7 in the US. Africa’s vaccination rates are 1.8 per 100 people to 3.9.