Sudan anti-coup protesters hold rallies, at least 15 killed by military

15:04, 18 November 2021
Sudan anti-coup protesters hold rallies, at least 15 killed by military Photo: Chen Cheng/XinHua

This Wednesday’s rally has become the deadliest since the military coup on October 25.

Thousands of protesters have gathered in the streets of Sudan’s capital Khartoum and the neighboring cities of Bahri and Omdurman to oppose the military coup led by General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan.

Sudanese med services reported that at least 15 people were killed during this Wednesday’s protests after soldiers had opened fire and used tear gas against the demonstrators.

"Military forces used live bullets in different areas of the capital and there are tens of gunshot injuries, some of them in serious condition," the Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors said in a statement.

According to witnesses, authorities have blocked Internet and mobile connections to disrupt gatherings.

The government which deployed heavy military presence to the scene reports that some of its forces were injured during the clashes.

Protesters demanded power transfer to civilian authorities and took legal action against the coup’s leaders, as well as releasing former ministers whom they regarded as legitimate. Demonstrators erected barricades in the streets and blocked traffic.

Sudanese rallies held earlier have also recorded victims. On October 30 two people were killed while five other deaths were recorded last weekend.