Tunisia’s President approves new government 

18:24, 11 October 2021
Tunisia’s President approves new government  Photo:

The President of Tunisia Kais Saied accepted the government which was suggested to him by the recently appointed Prime Minister Najla Romdhane. 

"I am confident we will move from frustration to hope," the President said at the government swearing in event.

However, he did not touch upon a plan or a road map to save the country from the deteriorating economic situation it has been going through in recent times.

The President has been going through heavy international pressure after he dismissed the Prime Minister and froze the parliament, claiming judicial powers following riots across the country.

Most of the new government’s officials are allies of Saied including the foreign, finance and interior ministers. 

The President’s move at first had broad support of Tunisians, however, it soon turned out that the actions of the President have led to the weakening of the opposition. 

The situation in Tunisia has gotten to a point where even the Central Bank governor is warning of dire economic consequences while the country itself is seeking an aid package from the International Monetary Fund. 

However, receiving aid from the IMF would require a detailed roadmap which covers the steps the government will take using the presented money.

In her last speech, the Tunisian Prime Minister did not mention an economic roadmap and instead focused mostly on the issue of corruption.

Following 11 weeks of the government being frozen, Tunisia is currently divided into two opposing groups with the first one fiercely supporting the President’s actions while the other one believes that the President is becoming an authoritarian ruler.

The stand-off between the two opposing parties may soon turn into open street confrontations. 

Still, following the government being sworn in, Tunisians hope that the situation will change for the better.