Fitness makes coronavirus easier to cope

14:47, 03 December 2020
Fitness makes coronavirus easier to cope Photo: Sergey Lantyukhov/

Regular workouts help to cope with the coronavirus easier, said Olga Kiselyova, president of the Association of Fitness Operators, referring to the study 'Fitness vs. Corona.'

Based on this study, we found that those who did not do sports were 25% more likely to get coronavirus. It indicates that you need to train more often, she said.

The more often and more regularly people do sports, the less often they become infected, and the less complications they have if they contract the pathogen. According to the study, fitness helped to cope with COVID-19 earlier in 49% of cases.

With this study, we wanted to demonstrate the importance of the physical activity. Now many are at a distance; we sit at home a lot; we move less. Therefore, it is essential to show that you need to be physically active: attend gyms, exercise at the grounds, Radio Sputnik reports.

The survey was conducted online among 7,800 respondents, including residents of all federal districts who attend or used to go to fitness centers. 85% of them did not suffer from coronavirus, and among those who were sick, those who did sports tolerated the disease quite well. 15% have stopped attending gyms, and 6% have ceased any physical activity since March. reported earlier that over 17M people contracted coronavirus in November.