Marilyn Manson’s home raided by police into sex abuse probe

12:48, 30 November 2021
Marilyn Manson’s home raided by police into sex abuse probe Photo: Imagespace/Keystone Press Agency/Global Look Press

The detectives from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department visited Marilyn Manson’s mansion in connection with the ongoing case regarding the sexual harassment investigations against the musician.

In the meantime, Brian Warner (aka Marilyn Manson) wasn’t at his place located in West Hollywood, still it couldn’t stop the officials from forcefully entering the house having a search warrant, according to TMZ.

The police took away several storage devices, including hard drives for the following review before the case is submitted to the Los Angeles County District Attorney. 

The “Great Big White World” singer has been accused of sexual assaults by several women.

Among those who blame the singer for sexual misconduct is Jane Doe, who accused Manson of sexual battery and deliberate affliction of emotional distress, ex-girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood and an actress Esme Bianco, who said that the shock-rocker almost “destroyed her”. The similar allegations of sexual assault were also pronounced by Manson’s former employee Ashley Waters, who filed her lawsuit against the singer just a few days before Jane Doe did.

However, Jane Doe’s claim was dismissed over the limitation period.

Marilyn Manson was also accused of locking women in his special soundproof room which he called the “rape room”.

The singer denied all the accusations towards him.