Online conference on domestic violence to take place on January 20

17:06, 18 January 2021
Online conference on domestic violence to take place on January 20 Photo: uwe umstätter/ Look Press

The all-Russian conference 'A House without Violence' will be held remotely on Wednesday on the Moskva 24 TV channel.

The event will begin at noon on January 20 and consist of three 1.5-hour sessions in a round table format. TV host Leonid Zakoshansky and Margarita Gracheva will moderate the event. Margarita also became a victim of domestic violence, when in 2017, her husband cut off her hands out of jealousy, the press service of the TV channel reports.

The conference will involve Russian and international experts on the protection of women and children's rights and psychologists, sociologists, and media figures.

Domestic violence is not a new problem around the world. Men, women, and children suffer from it to the same degree, but women and kids are at biggest risk. Though the matter is widely debated in Russia, the situation is changing slowly. Its real extent is difficult to imagine since most victims are often afraid to go to the police and admit that they are regularly subjected to physical and psychological abuse, the online conference organizers note.

It is also noted that the pandemic has drawn particular attention to the situation with domestic violence. During self-isolation in 2020, the number of complaints, according to some NGOs, increased 2.5 times.