Putin to get vaccinated as soon as possible

14:07, 17 December 2020
Putin to get vaccinated as soon as possible Photo: Sofia Sandurskaya/Moskva News Agency

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he would supply the coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible.

He noted that while experts say that vaccines put into civilian circulation are currently provided for citizens of a certain age.

And vaccines have not yet reached people like me. I repeat once again: I am a law-abiding person in this sense. I listen to the recommendations of our specialists and therefore have not been vaccinated yet. But I will do this as soon as possible, the head of state emphasized at the annual press conference.

According to him, mass vaccination against coronavirus is necessary as it is one of the few ways to overcome all pandemic issues. Not only domestic but also foreign experts support this opinion. He added that the Russian vaccine is effective and safe, so there is no reason not to vaccinate.

Putin also said that there is not enough equipment for producing the required amount of the drug in Russia, while vaccination of citizens is a priority for the state.

Our task is to hold immunization within the Russian Federation. There are some questions here. The vaccine itself, the components of this vaccine are good. We still do not have enough equipment to produce the required amount of vaccines, he explained.

The president added that about 70 million people have already been vaccinated against influenza in the country. He noted that such a result must be achieved in the case of combating COVID-19.

And I proceed from the assumption that we will fulfill all plans next year. In the beginning, we will already have millions of [doses] of vaccines, and the figure will further increase, Putin specified. reported earlier that Putin noted the high level of protection of Russian vaccine against COVID.