Russia won't legalize sale of narcotic substances

12:21, 18 December 2020
Russia won't legalize sale of narcotic substances Photo: Pexels

The Interior Ministry and other Russian law enforcement agencies have blocked the massive flow of narcotic substances from Afghanistan, said Deputy Minister Igor Zubov.

He stressed that today narcotics are among the most terrible phenomena in human life.

Thanks to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, other law enforcement agencies of the state security, this problem is not as acute in our country as in neighboring states. We managed to block the massive flow of drugs from the places of their growth in Afghanistan, Zubov noted.

According to him, there is also a problem with synthetic drugs. Russia is fighting them and is in dialogue with the police of other countries.

It is a great evil. In general, the world's drug revenue is hundreds of billions of dollars. Drug addiction is a disease, but those who stimulate it are criminals because they contribute to the development of the disease, said the Deputy Interior Minister.

According to him, this drug culture is currently developing, and some are trying to introduce it into Russia. However, the Russian authorities have consistently upheld a 'zero-tolerance position.'

We will not decriminalize the drug sale; we will not weaken control over them, he stressed in an interview with the Personally for Children project, which is being implemented by the Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights and the Children's Public Council (DOS). reported earlier that Putin called the situation with narcotic drugs in Russia difficult.