Russia ranks world's third in number of CCTV cameras

08:16, 25 December 2020
Russia ranks world's third in number of CCTV cameras Photo: Konstantin Kokoshkin/Global Look Press

Russia ranked third in the world after China and the United States in terms of CCTV cameras per 1,000 inhabitants. Communication networks are already no longer able to cope with the increasing load, analysts from TelecomDaily say.

Kommersant reports with reference to the company's analysts that there are currently 13.5 million cameras in Russia, 93.2 units for 1,000 people. China is a world leader in video surveillance of citizens, with 200 million cameras. The United States comes second with 50 million cameras.

The majority of cameras in Russia are installed by commercial organizations, TelecomDaily noted. They make up 58.7% out of the total. The state financed 32.8% of video cameras, which are located mainly on school buildings, on the roads, government agencies, and hospitals. The citizens account for another 8.5% of the cameras.

TelecomDaily CEO Denis Kuskov explains such a low share of the public sector in cloud video surveillance because data from video cameras are recorded mainly to data centers of government customers, not to the service operator's cloud, the newspaper notes.

Experts stressed that at the moment, communication networks are overloaded with video data. Therefore, the further growth of the cloud video surveillance market is possible not due to an increase in the number of cameras but by introducing a larger number of smart technologies that allow for more detailed picture analysis. reported earlier that Russia ranked 105th in the world in terms of mortality from coronavirus infection COVID-19.