Virologist assesses way to ‘kill’ coronavirus in 2 minutes

08:15, 15 December 2020
Virologist assesses way to ‘kill’ coronavirus in 2 minutes Photo: Sergey Bulkin/

Russian virologist, Professor Viktor Zuev has commented on the information that toothpaste with zinc and tin can neutralize COVID by 99.9 percent in two minutes.

This is good news, he said in an interview with RT channel.

A group of US scientists, whose research results were presented by the British Dental Journal, previously reported this method of fighting the deadly infection, he noted.

I read it. If this is really the case, then it is very good. Of course, in no case can brushing your teeth replace all precautions, the professor emphasized.

Zuev added that during a pandemic, all the recommendations of specialists should be taken seriously. So, it is necessary to wear personal protective equipment and maintain social distance, he said. reported earlier that Russia’s Sputnik V developers offered AstraZeneca to combine vaccines.