Afghanistan might face huge hunger crisis, UN reports

12:19, 25 October 2021
Afghanistan might face huge hunger crisis, UN reports Photo: Md. Rakibul Hasan/Keystone Press Agency/Global Look Press

The residents of Afghanistan will highly likely face a huge hunger crisis unless urgent measures are taken, the UN World Food Programme (WFP) said.

At least 22,8 million people including 3,2 million children could suffer scarcity of food this December.

"Afghanistan is now among the world's worst humanitarian crises, if not the worst," the executive director of the WFP David Beasley said.

In September, the UN reported that just five percent of families in Afghanistan had sufficient food to eat every day. At the beginning of October, the United Nations warned that at least one million children can be at high risk of dying from malnutrition without immediate medical treatment.

Many Afghans are forced to sell their possessions to get some food. The situation is worsening as the local banks have faced a shortage of cash. The Central Bank of Afghanistan has already urged all banks in the country to set a temporary weekly withdrawal limit within a maximum of $200.

The Central Bank declares that they are forced to take such measures amid the current situation in Afghanistan.

In addition, the food crisis has been deteriorated by water shortages and a major drought - the country's second in recent years.

The UN officials said Afghanistan requires as much as $220 million per month to avoid the hunger crisis, while the current humanitarian help is a “drop in the ocean”.

The European and American sides are reportedly ready to help if the Taliban* protects human rights and fights against terrorism.    

*Taliban is a terror organization banned in the US, Russia, and many other countries.