China cancels Wuhan marathon amid outbreak of COVID-19

18:00, 24 October 2021
China cancels Wuhan marathon amid outbreak of COVID-19

The Wuhan marathon has been canceled at the very last moment as part of the fight against COVID-19, the Chinese media reported.

Marathon with 26,000 participants had to be held on Sunday, but the Chinese authorities were worried about the new outbreaks of COVID-19 and decided to postpone the sporting event.

“Due to the recent local confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in many places in China, to prevent the spread of the epidemic and effectively protect the lives and health of the people, the organizing committee has decided that the 2021 Wuhan Marathon [which] was originally expected to be held on October 24, 2021, will be postponed until further notice,” the marathon organizers said. 

It’s been also reported that the upcoming Beijing marathon which was scheduled for the end of the week will be postponed as well.

The Chinese government follows the strict policy against the COVID-19 pandemic using large-scale testing and lockdown in cases of insignificant COVID-19 detection. 

On Sunday the Chinese Health Service reported 26 Covid-19 cases as the authority started to take urgent measures to curb the outbreak.

Wuhan is the city where the first Coronavirus cases have been recorded. The first documented case of the infection occurred on December 1, 2019.

Earlier the World Health Organization stated that the pandemic is far from over with new variants making the threat deadlier than ever.

The results of the WHO emergency committee can be concluded with the words of Didier Houssin, committee chairman, who said:

"We are still running after this virus and the virus is still running after us".