China sets up lockdown measures in several northeast cities

14:54, 28 October 2021
China sets up lockdown measures in several northeast cities Photo: TPG/Keystone Press Agency

A few cities northeast of China are urgently ramping up measures against COVID-19 infection by reducing travel activities significantly and banning gatherings in an attempt to suppress the outbreak of the coronavirus.

A major port city located in Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province, Heihe, neighboring with the Russian city of Blagoveshchensk, has entered the phase of lockdown on Thursday after one confirmed coronavirus case was reported. 

Thus Heihe has become the third Chinese city in which lockdown measures have been imposed. The first two are Ejin Banner, bordering Mongolia, and northwestern China’s transport hub Lanzhou.

Since Thursday the strict measures are to come into effect in all communities in Heihe, according to a notice issued by the municipal government website.

China has reported 23 cases on Wednesday as the country's official data indicated, so the overall number of symptomatic citizens amounted to 270 as of now, since October 17.

Asymptomatic cases are also being registered, but separately from symptomatic ones.

Residential communities and villages will be obligatorily closed with only one entry-exit that would allow only one individual per household to cross once in two days, considering no reports of COVID-19 cases from the neighborhoods in the vicinity.

Road police will also be vigilant tracking down all buses and taxi services in the area, the notice reads, adding that all vehicles and personnel are prohibited to leave the city.