China to pursue Taiwan independence supporters by law

12:45, 05 November 2021
China to pursue Taiwan independence supporters by law Photo: Jason Lee/REUTERS

China said that the country will make those who support Taiwan independence responsible by law and will refer such ideologists to a criminal case for life, a spokesperson for China’s State Council Taiwan Affairs Office said on Friday.

The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council said that China will chastise Taiwan dissenters by prohibiting them and their relatives from entering the mainland, Hong Kong as well as Macao and banning them from establishing business connections in the mainland.

The criminal cases for life will also be in effect for those who support Taiwan independence.

Thus China has already rolled out a blacklist for the names of supporters. Several names are already included in the list, among them are Tsing-tshiong, who serves in a role of the head of Taiwan executive authority, Joseph Wu, head of external affairs authority, and You Si-kun, head of legislative body, according to GlobalTimes China.

Earlier on July 1, Chinese Xi Jinping in his talk to Chinese people during the celebration of the 100 anniversary of founding the Communist party said that a runaway province (Taiwan) must be united with China. Taiwan’s MAC strictly responded to the Chinese claims saying that China was in an attempt to suppress democracy, violate human rights and it has grown more dictatorial domestically.

China calls Taiwan a runaway province repeatedly promoting the idea of reunification with the island and once it said that Taiwan can be taken by force if needed.