Chinese citizens urged to stock nourishment before winter

19:51, 02 November 2021
Chinese citizens urged to stock nourishment before winter Photo: SOPA Images/Keystone Press Agency/Global Look Press

The call of authorities is explained by COVID-related concerns and harvest shortages caused by heavy rains.

The commerce ministry of China called on its citizens to keep stocks of daily necessities ahead of winter.

The government warned the Chinese about potential COVID outbreaks and succeeding lockdowns, as well as about supply shortages after the country had been hit by heavy rainfalls in summer.

The PRC’s authorities have added that the situation has nothing to do with rising tensions with Taiwan.

Chinese netizens unveiled on the domestic social platform Weibo that many people started panic-buying rice, salt and other goods shortly after the announcement.

The government had to take measures to calm the citizens down and clarify the appeal. Federal media released messages stating that the government’s aim was to prevent residents from getting trapped in case of emergency and appealed to the population not to overreact.

Besides, the commerce ministry directed regional authorities to improve agricultural production, keep a close eye on nourishment stocks and ensure price stability.

In 2020, after the pandemic outbreak China experienced logistic problems as the government imposed strict restrictions aimed at containing the spread of the virus.