Chinese farmers see thousands of livestock washed away amid infection fears

19:13, 26 July 2021
Chinese farmers see thousands of livestock washed away amid infection fears Photo: Li An/XinHua/Global Look Press

Across Henan, rains have destroyed about 1,678 farms and killed more than a million animals. The total area of the affected farms was 972.1 thousand hectares.

At least 200,000 chickens and up to 6,000 pigs were lost in the flood, half of the Chinese Wangfan village's herd, farmers told Reuters. Locals take out trolleys full of dead animals. 

Henan is famous for its agriculture and has thousands of farms. Countryfolks also grow chicken and seed. 

Last summer, rainfalls, and flooding caused African swine fever across southern China, the risk remains this year after the recent floods across central China.

A farmer from Wangfan village, about 55 miles north of provincial capital Zhengzhou told the agency that more than 100 of his pigs died due to the flooding, others have been in the water long enough so now they can't eat at all. Some cells remained covered for a few days. The rest of the farmer's livelihood will probably die. He and other farmers said that they lost lifework without any opportunity for recovery. 3,000 other villagers also raise pigs or chickens or grow grain.

On July 17, heavy rains hit Henan Province with a historical record of the average daily rainfall in central China, which led to massive floods. In most parts of the region, especially in the city of Zhengzhou, electricity and water supply are still not restored. According to the latest data, at least 69 people have been confirmed dead.