Despite losing weight Kim Jong Un remains healthy, S. Korea spies say

13:59, 29 October 2021
Despite losing weight Kim Jong Un remains healthy, S. Korea spies say Photo: KCNA/EPA/TASS

The leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un has lost over 20 kilograms, however he remains healthy and is attempting to increase loyalty of his people as the economic situation is continuing to get worse due to sanctions and the pandemic, South Korea’s National Intelligence Service said in a statement. 

Kim’s health state was analyzed by special technology which has observed Kim’s videos and later AI examined his health state based on his looks.

Kim’s sudden and frequent disappearances have led to speculations concerning his health conditions and considering that until now he has not chosen a successor and thus his sudden death would lead to a political crisis in the country.

Among Kim’s possible successors in case of his death is his sister Kim Yo Jong.

Recently the reason behind Kim’s sudden disappearances was revealed.

He spent most of his time constructing new designs for ships, buses and even school uniforms. 

South Korea’s National Intelligence Service has ruled that the rumors that the real Kim is dead while the one who currently appears in public are baseless and have nothing to do with reality. 

If looked more closely Kim has attended even more public events than during the previous real.

The increase in attendance is up by over 45%.

Situation in North Korea is currently getting worse as officials have said that food shortages might last till 2025.

The main reason for that is the closed border with China due to the pandemic.

China remains North Korea’s main economic trade partner and ally in the region.