Ex leader of Hong Kong independence group sentenced to 43 months

20:19, 23 November 2021
Ex leader of Hong Kong independence group sentenced to 43 months Photo: Jason Lee/REUTERS

The former head of Studentlocalism group which advocated for free Hong Kong Tony Chung was imprisoned for 43 months under China’s new security law.

The 20-year-old Chung was charged with secession and money laundering.

"He actively organised, planned and implemented activities to separate the country," District Court Judge Stanley Chan said in a statement.

He was caught in 2020 near the US embassy when he was attempting to sign an asylum application.

He agreed to admit his guilt in order to reduce the sentence.

He managed to reduce its time by 25% with the total time to be spent in prison for secession being 40 months and another 18 months were ruled for money laundering.

According to prosecutors Chung had t-shirts and images on his phone that praised separation of Hong Kong from China.

It was also stated that he received PayPal donations from his supporters.

Since the introduction of the security law Hong Kong became less autonomous with democratic and pro-western politicians being unable to introduce any crucial new policies.

China is currently continuing its crackdown on tech companies with Alibaba, JD, and Baidu receiving new fines from regulators.

Earlier it was reported that China downgraded its diplomatic relations with Lithuania on Sunday after the country allowed Taiwan to open an embassy in the capital.