Head of China’s antimonopoly bureau to tighten antitrust regulations

17:43, 19 December 2021
Head of China’s antimonopoly bureau to tighten antitrust regulations Photo: Li Bo/Keystone Press Agency/Global Look Press

Gan Lin unveiled that the state regulator intended to stiffen its policy targeting monopolistic behavior.

On Sunday director of the State Anti-Monopoly Bureau Gan Lin gave an interview released on the website of the State Administration for Market Regulation in which she unveiled that the Bureau was planning to tighten its legal enforcement to curb monopolistic behavior.

According to the official, the law does not imply punishment strict enough against certain monopolistic activities while many regulatory practices required improvement taking into account the constantly modifying character of the modern economy.

"With the rapid development of the digital economy, and new industries and business models emerging one after another, there are great differences in competition modes between the new and the traditional economy."

Concerning the potential measures to be taken soon, Gan listed antimonopoly reviews of concentrated businesses and prevention of mergers, therefore, limiting excessive capital expansion.

This year China blocked several large mergers, including that of tech-giant Tencent in July worth over $5 bln, as well as imposed huge fines on popular platforms like Alibaba,, and Baidu.

Before becoming head of the Bureau formed in November 2021, Gan Lin served as the deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Agricultural Department and then vice governor of Hunan. She also worked as deputy director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.