Head of UN mission in Afghanistan calls to establish dialogue with Taliban

12:06, 18 November 2021
Head of UN mission in Afghanistan calls to establish dialogue with Taliban Photo: Chen Xin/Xinhua

The head of the UN mission in Afghanistan Deborah Lyons called on the international community to establish a dialogue with the Taliban* government, the UN website reports.

Lyons told the UN Security Council that the Taliban are trying to behave like a regular government: collecting state taxes, starting to pay salaries to employees, ensuring the safety of UN staff, and developing rules to allow girls to study.

"Our formal interactions [with the Taliban] have been generally useful and constructive. The de facto authorities have indicated that they want a UN presence and value its assistance," Lyons claimed.

In addition, the UN can deliver humanitarian aid to areas that humanitarian workers have been unable to reach for the past 15 years.

Lyons stressed that since the Taliban seized power, the support of the international community has been limited to helping those Afghans who want to leave the country. The UN calls for attention to the situation of the overwhelming majority of Afghans who are not going to leave.

The UN spokeswoman said that in order to avoid isolation, as it was during his previous period in power, the Taliban should strive to establish a dialogue with the international community. 

The UN is supposed to be ready to play an important role in this process if there is a corresponding mandate.

On Wednesday, The UN reported that opium production in Afghanistan has increased up to 8% to 6,800 tons this year.

*The Taliban is a terror organization banned in the US, Russia, and many other countries.