Hundreds gather to receive passports in Kabul

21:05, 06 October 2021
Hundreds gather to receive passports in Kabul Photo: XinHua

Hundreds of Afghan’s headed to the passport office in the capital of Afghanistan Kabul following the Taliban’s* statement that it will resume passport printing following months of delay.

The gathered crowd soon turned into a chaotic state with Taliban members beating some of the people in order to sustain order.

 "I have come to get a passport but, as you can see here, there are lots of problems, the system is not working. There is no official to answer our questions here to tell us when to come. People are confused," one of the applicants whose name is Mahir Rasooli told Reuters.

Despite the desire of many to receive a passport, the system did not handle the large number of applicants.

An official from the passport office soon told everyone to go back to their homes.

Most of those who came for their passport plan to use it in order to flee the war-torn country.

Since the US announced its plans to withdraw from Afghanistan the situation in the country has been deteriorating.

The Taliban takeover followed by their rapid Islamic reforms along with most of the Afghan’s central bank assets being frozen in the US and international aid suspended or paused, made Afghanistan’s current state is turning from bad to worse.

*Taliban is a terror organization banned in the US, Russia, and many other countries.