Indian police detain 28 for months-long rape of 15-year-old girl

17:12, 24 September 2021
Indian police detain 28 for months-long rape of 15-year-old girl

Local media have reported that the suspects gang-raped the teenager for nine months.

Mumbai city police have arrested 28 people presumably linked with the alleged continuous rapes of a 15-year-old girl. She claims that she has been a rape victim since January.

According to local media, it all started when the girl’s boyfriend raped her and made footage of it. He then used the video to blackmail the victim so she had sex with him and his friends.

The teenager contacted the police only on Wednesday. News media company New Delhi Television Limited reported that she named a total of 33 attackers and claimed she knew almost every one of them.

Sexual crimes against women and precisely girls remain a grave problem for India though it has recently toughened its legislation concerning wrongdoings of sexual nature.

Last month four Indian men including a priest were convicted of gang rape and murder of a 9-year-old girl. The court sentenced the quartet to the death penalty.

According to national data, approximately 90 cases of rape were recorded daily in India in 2019, and 77 cases a day in 2020. The real number is estimated to be much higher since many rapes remain silenced, especially after the pandemic when the frequency of domestic violence has considerably risen.