Indian security forces kill 15 people mistakenly taken for insurgents

13:38, 05 December 2021
Indian security forces kill 15 people mistakenly taken for insurgents Photo: Фото:

The incident which occurred in the northeastern part of the country has been blamed on an intelligence blunder.

Indian military officials announced on Sunday that their forces had killed at least 14 tribal civilians and a local security agent in the state of Nagaland in the night from Saturday to Sunday. The Defense Ministry added that over ten other people, both civilians and personnel, have been injured.

Local chief minister Neiphiu Rio said that the incident was caused by an intelligence mistake as the service presumed that the civilians were insurgents. The region, situated near the border with Myanmar recently shocked by a coup, is home to rebel groups, regularly targeted by the government’s forces.

According to local residents, federal troops, specifically the Assam Rifles group operating in the state, often mix up civilians and insurgents during counterinsurgency missions.

Police officials report that the military opened fire when a truck with around 30 workers was driving through the area controlled by the Assam Rifles. Six miners have been killed on the spot.

"The troopers had intelligence inputs about some militant movement in the area and on seeing the truck they mistook the miners to be rebels.”

The attack raised the anger of the tribal population who then surrounded the Assam Rifles camp to demand an explanation. The confrontation escalated into violence as the citizens started burning military vehicles and clashed with the federal agents who took the lives of eight other civilians while retaliating.