Indonesia deals with volcano fallout as death toll reaches 34

17:33, 07 December 2021
Indonesia deals with volcano fallout as death toll reaches 34 Photo: Albert Ivan Damanik/

The President of Indonesia Joko Widodo said that his country will reinforce its programme of evacuations and promised to help those who got their homes destroyed following the volcano eruptions that took place on Java island.

His statements came after he visited the island itself to inspect the damages.

The number of missing people has lowered to 22 as most of them were found dead with the death toll reaching 34.

After the President took a look at the scene from a helicopter he said that the recovery process will probably take months.

"I came to the site to ensure that we have the forces to locate the victims," he said in a statement.

"We hope that after everything has subsided, that everything can start - fixing infrastructure or even relocating those from the places we predict are too dangerous to return to," he continued.

The first and the strongest eruption took place on Saturday and despite the warning of officials about a possible second eruption many people went back to check on their homes. 

That was when the second eruption occurred.

Rescue operations are being hampered by bad weather as well as the fact that a strategically important bridge was destroyed following the tragedy.

Indonesia has over 100 volcanoes with active seismic activity.