Indonesian volcano on Java island erupts again killing 22 

20:03, 06 December 2021
Indonesian volcano on Java island erupts again killing 22  Photo: vkontakte

Mount Semeru in Indonesia erupted again killing at least 22 people with dozens reported missing nowhere to be found.

Semeru is the tallest mountain of the Java Island and it has previously erupted on Saturday. 

The area was surrounded by the army as well as the police as locals attempted to dig their loved ones out of the ashes.

The seismic activity is still ongoing and another eruption may occur.

Following the eruption many people raced to their homes to check them, however they were warned by officials against such an adventure.

"Semeru is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia. Before and after the December 4 eruption, it will continue to be active," Liswanto, the head of the Semeru Volcano Observatory, said in a statement.

"People need to be more vigilant because the potential threat is still there," he added.

Rescuing operations are being conducted but their success rate is lowered due to a major bridge being destroyed by the eruption.

Special shelters with food were set up by officials in order to ease the burden on locals.