Japan eyes abandoning sales of gasoline-engine cars

14:09, 04 December 2020
Japan eyes abandoning sales of gasoline-engine cars Photo: Sergey Lantyukhov/

Japan's government is considering abolishing sales of new gasoline-engine cars by the mid-2030s in favor of hybrid or electric vehicles in line with a global shift from traditionally powered cars, Reuters reports.

The move would follow Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga's pledge in October for Japan to slash carbon emissions to zero on a net basis by 2050 and make the country the second G7 nation to set a deadline for phasing out gasoline vehicles in a little over two weeks.

The ministry is considering requiring all new vehicles to be electric cars, including hybrid vehicles, NHK reported earlier, adding that the ministry would finalize a formal target following expert-panel debates as early as the year-end.

In Japan, the share of electric vehicles is expected to increase to 55% in 2030, Boston Consulting Group said in a report on prospects for battery-powered cars. earlier reported that Japan's gross domestic product (GDP) grew 21.4 percent year-on-year from July through September 2020.