Japan finds foreign substance in Moderna vaccines once again

14:36, 01 September 2021
Japan finds foreign substance in Moderna vaccines once again Photo:

Japan reported that it had found a new contamination case in Moderna’s COVID vaccines which is the fourth such incident in less than one week, threatening the vaccination rollouts in the country. 

The latest such incident was reported by the Kanagawa prefecture which said that after an examination of a Moderna vaccine foreign black particles were found in it.

These incidents have led Japan to suspend over 1.63 million doses.

Moderna itself said that this could be due to a manufacturing issue and European safety regulators have already started an investigation into the problem.

Despite the swift reaction of the Japanese authorities around 3,790 people have nonetheless received a shot from the damaged lot.

The vaccines domestic distributor Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd said that it is possible that rubber stopper material could be mixed with the vaccine itself on rare occasions. 

It also advised medical workers to examine the vaccine on foreign substances before using it.  

Currently Japan is going through one of its hardest waves due to the Delta strain.

Japan has around 45.4% of its population completely vaccinated which is lower compared to other developed countries.

Earlier, 2 people in Japan died after taking a vaccine from the suspended lots leading to fears that more will become victims of the manufacturing error.