Japan’s Princess Mako and her husband leave Japan for US

20:11, 27 October 2021
Japan’s Princess Mako and her husband leave Japan for US Photo: geralt /

The 30-year-old Japanese Princess Mako and her commoner husband will reportedly move to a one-bedroom apartment in New York.

Mako, who is the daughter of Crown Prince Fumihito and niece of the Emperor Naruhito, met her husband Kei Komuro during her study at University.

They were engaged for as long as eight years before officially marrying. 

The laws of Japan do not permit a woman from the royal family to marry a commoner, so Princess Mako gave up on her title.

She was allowed to take the money which was entitled to her for leaving the family, however she declined, aiming to achieve independence and look for a job in New York by herself.

The sum which she would have got is nearly one million US dollars.

She declined to receive aid as her marriage was heavily criticized by the Japanese public. 

Mako is the first women ever since World War 2 who wilfully gave up on the entitled money.

Answering all the hateful comments Komuro apologize for the backlash he caused and promised to live Mako forever.

“I love Mako. We only get one life, and I want us to spend it with the one we love. I feel very sad that Mako has been in a bad condition, mentally and physically, because of the false accusations,” he said.

The couple did not answer questions to make the experience easier for Mako or make public appearances, instead they issued answers to some questions one of which asked about Mako's condition, to which she responded that she is “Not good.”