Kazakh schoolboys skirt-protest after eighth grader's suicide

14:57, 31 October 2021
Kazakh schoolboys skirt-protest after eighth grader's suicide Photo: eye ubiquitous / hutchison/Global Look Press

The boy has earlier committed suicide presumably because he was scolded by the school's administration for wearing a skirt for a Harry-Potter-theme party.

A group of schoolchildren in Almaty, Kazakhstan's largest city, held a demonstration after a boy from the eighth grade had committed suicide following a conflict with his school officials for wearing a skirt for a theme school event.

The students appeared in the school wearing skirts and holding banners saying "Clothes have no gender" and "You are important. Don't keep quiet".

The teenagers say that they held the manifestation to draw attention to the problem of children's suicides.

After the demonstration, the protesters have reportedly been oppressed by the school's officials who dubbed them "a sect of gays". The administration tried to dissolve the action and threatened to summon the parents of the protesters.

The eighth grader jumped out of a high-rise building on October 28 after a conflict with the school's head who reportedly sent him to a psychologist.

The school denies the allegations and claims that the boy did not wear a skirt for the event adding that the suicide was provoked by conflicts within the family.

"What skirt? All media report about the skirt. He was not in any skirt. What are you talking about?" the school's spokesperson said.

The student's friends state that he wore a skirt as a joke for a Harry-Potter-theme school event and that the situation with the administration was aggravated by a conflict with his strict parents.

"There were huge problems in their relationship. I'm not sure about their nature, he didn't share that with me. But this must have been the roots of the suicide," a friend said in an interview.  

Kazakhstan's police have opened an investigation into a potential incitement to suicide.