Kim Jong Un forbids wearing leather coats to prevent imitating his look

19:25, 25 November 2021
Kim Jong Un forbids wearing leather coats to prevent imitating his look Photo: State Department/

North Korea’s leader has recently made his first public appearance in over a month in a coat which was widely compared with the Nazi outfit.

North Korean authorities have banned its citizens from wearing leather trench coats since it is considered to be disrespectful towards the DPRK’s chief Kim Jong Un. The clothing crackdown was reported by Radio Free Asia (RFA) which cited anonymous sources in the country.

The black wide-lapelled coat is one of Kim’s favorite outfits. It started to gain popularity back in 2019 when the Supreme Leader of North Korea appeared in it on national television.

Expensive items made from genuine leather were imported from China while North Korean producers have then started making coats from fake leather and distributing them all around the country.

According to the RFA, the government deployed fashion police patrols that confiscated counterfeits and imitations from markets and residents. When the agents are questioned on the reason, they respond that wearing the same clothes as Kim represents “challenging the authority of the Highest Dignity.’

The news-service reports that such coats are regarded as a symbol of power as during a military parade held in January all top-rank officials were wearing them including women and precisely Kim Jong Un’s sister Kim Yo Jong who was appointed a member of the State Affairs Commission in September.