Macron reports on plans to open joint European countries embassy in Kabul

12:22, 04 December 2021
Macron reports on plans to open joint European countries embassy in Kabul Photo: Rahmat Alizadah/Xinhua/Global Look Press

Several European countries intend to open a joint diplomatic mission in Afghanistan, French President Emmanuel Macron told reporters in Doha on Saturday.

"We are thinking of an organization between several European countries, a common location for several Europeans, which would allow our ambassadors to be present," Macron told reporters.

The French President also claimed that this step will not indicate the political recognition of the Taliban* movement.

He added that he expected to open a representative office soon, but it is necessary to settle some issues with ensuring security.

Several Western countries withdrew their diplomats from Afghanistan after the Taliban entered Kabul in August.

Earlier, the EU announced the possibility of opening a mission in Kabul without recognition of the Taliban regime.

"The EU delegation underlined that the possibility of establishing a minimal presence on the ground in Kabul, which would not entail recognition, will directly depend on the security situation,” the EU officials said.

On December 2, a UN special committee has decided not to give Afghanistan's seat in the UN General Assembly to the new Taliban government. The Taliban officials criticized the UN and called this decision unfair.

*Taliban is a terror organization banned in the US, Russia, and many other countries.