Malaysia reports 18 deaths due to migrant boat incident 

14:25, 16 December 2021
Malaysia reports 18 deaths due to migrant boat incident  Photo:

Malaysian authorities on Thursday reported that the death toll of migrants who died in a boat incident has increased to 18.

The search and rescue mission is still ongoing as 18 people remain unaccounted for, while 14 others could survive, according to the statement issued by Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency.

On the day of the incident the rescuers retrieved 11 bodies and seven more on Thursday. All labour migrants who made a desperate move in search for a work or a better life in Malaysia were from Indonesia.

This incident is the latest involving the Indonesian migrants who ferried to Malaysia but not the single as such transportations of high danger is an actual problem of the two countries. The boats are usually crammed with  large groups of people putting them into danger as the boats are not provided to carry as many as they usually have.

According to migrant rights group CARE, the illegal migrant movement from Indonesia to Malaysia counts for between 100,000 and 200,000 people annually as some part of the people are being recruited by gangsters.

The found ID’s for those who were on boat indicated that many of the migrants were from the Indonesian island of Lombok.