Myanmar military launches airstrike in Thantlang, 160 buildings destroyed

09:30, 31 October 2021
Myanmar military launches airstrike in Thantlang, 160 buildings destroyed Photo:

More than 160 buildings including two churches were destroyed in the Myanmar town of Thantlang in the northeast of the country resulting from shelling from the military force, the local media reported on Saturday.

The footage in social media shows that the buildings in the Myanmar town were burned down following the military airstrikes.

The government officials denied its involvement in the fire and blamed the local residents for the blaze.

However, it’s been reported that the residents of the town weren't allowed to ransack their houses by a local militia group, which could be a reason for the government to retaliate, the Chin Humans Rights Organisation said.

«Most of the structures on the main street, which has shop stalls and all kinds of businesses, have been destroyed. There is nothing left to salvage. The manner in which the fire was burning indicates that it was not just the incendiary rocket fires but also deliberately torching of houses and structures manually,» the Chin Humans Right Organisation statement read.

No casualties have been reported yet after the blaze.

Last month, the UN warned that the government might carry out a military operation to claim territory in Chin state, Magway, and Sagaing regions.

It was the biggest destruction during the ongoing clashes between the junta and opposition.

In February the group of militaries committed a coup resulting in the government of elected President Aung San Suu Kyi being overthrown.

The coup caused protests and disturbances across Myanmar as the military government attempted to suppress the uprising with the fire. Several thousand people were reported killed during the protests.

On September 7, Myanmar’s shadow opposition called upon a revolt against the official military government which took power over the country after a coup in February.