N. Korea Kim’s reason of absence revealed

15:23, 13 October 2021
N. Korea Kim’s reason of absence revealed Photo: State Department/ Look Press

The frequent sudden disappearances of North Korea’s leader Kim Jung Un has laid ground to many speculative theories, however now it became known where Kim has been spending his time.

Kim has been focusing on designing different logos as well as uniforms for schools, cargo ships and even wine labels, according to The Times.

North Korea's state media published several photos from exhibitions and design expositions with over 110 designs that were either created by the North Korean leader or at least designed under his own lead. 

Many of the designs were specifically connected to the Wonsan-Kalma resort which is being built to become North Korea’s main tourist spot. 

The leader’s absences seem to date with his visits to various exhibitions, according to the report.

Many noted Kim’s change in style as he wore black sandals over black socks with a formal suit during his official speech over the anniversary of the Korean People’s Party foundation. 

Among the theories of the North Korean leader’s disappearances is the one that says that in reality Kim has severe health problems which explains his rapid loss of weight.

Another more bizarre theory says that the real Kim has actually been dead for a while and that the next leader will be his sister Kim Yo Jong.