New Delhi registers records new toxic smog and pollution levels

16:22, 05 November 2021
New Delhi registers records new toxic smog and pollution levels Photo: Konstantin Kokoshkin/Russian Look/Global Look Press

Following the Diwali festival of light the Indian city of New Delhi recorded the worst Air Quality Index as it has gone from 451 to 500 making New Delhi the world’s worst capital from the air quality perspective.

The city is also currently surrounded by a heavy smog because of the fireworks launched a day prior despite the government’s ban.

The smog is so severe that it will negatively affect even completely healthy people while those who already have lung problems will suffer more.

New Delhi recorded 706 micrograms of PM2.5 which is a poisonous matter while the World Health Organization considers even 5 micrograms unsafe for human health.

The pollution of air in India kills at least a million people annually on average.

The increase of pollution was caused not only by fireworks but also by farmers burning their fields in order to prepare them for future crop plantings.

India’s government has long been criticized by Indians for not doing enough for the sake of the environment and instead putting economic growth as the primary objective.

During the COP26 climate change summit the representatives of many countries voiced concern over India’s climate policy.