North Korea celebrates 73rd anniversary with night parade in hazmat suits

15:57, 09 September 2021
North Korea celebrates 73rd anniversary with night parade in hazmat suits Photo: wiki

North Korea has celebrated the 73rd anniversary of its foundation with a night-time parade in the presence of the supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

The celebration started at midnight as the country’s main security force of the Worker-Peasant Red Guards started marching at the Kim Il Sung square in Pyongyang.

During the celebration people marched in hazmat suits, apparently to illustrate North Korea’s efforts in dealing with COVID-19.

Military equipment was also displayed including rocket launchers and tractors with anti-tank missiles.

The expectations of North Korea showing new intercontinental ballistic missiles were not met, as they were not presented and Kim Jong Un didn’t even give a speech on the topic. 

"The columns of emergency epidemic prevention and the Ministry of Public Health were full of patriotic enthusiasm to display the advantages of the socialist system all over the world, while firmly protecting the security of the country and its people from the worldwide pandemic," Korean Central News Agency said.

The Asian country until now has not confirmed any COVID-19 cases and the people at the parade didn’t wear protective facemasks. 

In his presidential campaign, US President Joe Biden said that he will search for a diplomatic solution, however, until now North Korea remains under sanctions. 

The North Korean leader may not showcase the country’s new weapons in order to use them as leverage in future talks with the American President.