N. Korea fires submarine-launched ballistic missile towards Sea of Japan

12:02, 19 October 2021
N. Korea fires submarine-launched ballistic missile towards Sea of Japan Photo: Global Look Press

North Korea has conducted at least one submarine-launched ballistic missile from the eastern coast on Tuesday morning, South Korean and Japanese officials reported.

The testing launch happened in the port near the city of Sinpo, at 10:00 am local time, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of State said. The missile is believed to have been launched from the submarine as the city the rocket was launched from is a home for the North Korean naval dockyard.

The missile is said to have traversed approximately 280 miles (450km) reaching a maximum height of 37,2 miles (60km). It was said the rocket landed in the East Sea, also called the Sea of Japan.

The reports regarding the launch that came out of both Japan and South Korea were varying as Japan’s Deputy Secretary General Yoshihiko Isozaki claimed two projectiles were fired whilst South Korea’s Defense Ministry reported only one rocket to have been detected.

Isozaki condemned the sudden launch saying that such actions ruin the peace and security of Japan as well as the region in general. 

“Furthermore, the continued ballistic missile launches pose a serious challenge not just for Japan but for the entire international community,” Isozaki said.

The Deputy Secretary General also added that it violated UN Security Council resolutions.

The National Security Council of South Korea hasn’t endorsed the launch either saying that NSC was in “deep regret” about what has happened especially amid “active” discussion upon achieving peace in the Korean Peninsula between South Korea, the US, Russia, China, and Japan.

North Korea is known to conduct sudden missile launches disturbing its neighbors as the countries in the vicinity say that N. Korea threatens peace and stability in the area. Pyongyang has been testing numerous missiles of different kinds despite North Korea being banned by the US to use ballistic and nuclear projectiles.