Pollution in homes is worse than outdoors in Delhi, study says

13:43, 09 December 2021
Pollution in homes is worse than outdoors in Delhi, study says Photo: DANISH SIDDIQUI/Reuters

A study found that the levels of the PM2.5 which are particles that are damaging for lungs were found to be higher in the homes of the Indian capital of Delhi than outdoors, according to a study conducted by Energy Policy Institute of Chicago.

The pollution levels indoors are sometimes five times higher, according to the study.

However, most of the residents refuse to install special air-cleaning systems.

The research was made during the timespan of 2018 and 2020 and interestingly enough the homes of the rich and of the poor were found to be equally polluted.

Rich households tend to have air cleaning systems, however despite that, the results were better only by 10%.

"In Delhi, the bottom line is - whether someone is rich or poor, no one gets to breathe clean air. It's a complex vicious cycle," Dr Kenneth Lee, the lead author of the study said.

India is one of the most polluted countries on Earth as 22 out of the world’s thirty most polluted cities are located there.

 Over one million people die in India due to the low quality of air.

New Delhi has recently hit record levels of air pollution as its Air Quality Index has gone from 451 to 500 following the Diwali festival of fireworks and farmers burning their fields to prepare them for future crop plantings. 

India has already imposed a lockdown over the ecological situation in New Delhi and schools were closed for several days due to the ecological situation.