Pyongyang confirms launch of its new ballistic missile

12:19, 20 October 2021
Pyongyang confirms launch of its new ballistic missile Photo: Pool/ Look Press

North Korea has been reported by neighboring South Korea and Japan to fire no less than one submarine-launched ballistic missile on Tuesday, which made the countries in the vicinity raise concern regarding the repeating threatening tests. 

There was no response from North Korea itself about the launch that day, nonetheless, on Wednesday state media confirmed that the country had conducted the blast-off.

SLBM was fired from the identical submarine which had taken part in a test dated to 2016, but then, the older SLBM was launched, North Korea’s state media KCNA said.

The confirmation came a day later after the ballistic missile landed in the East Sea, and was reportedly launched from the east coast of North Korea. It was also believed that the missile was fired from a submarine as there is a large naval dockyard located on the east coast.

The US called for Pyongyang to abstain from “provocations” while US Press Secretary Jen Psaki reminded on Tuesday that the country is still open for diplomatic negotiations regarding North Korea’s weapon policy.

However, North Korea was reluctant to make advances, accusing the US and South Korea of calls for diplomacy while both countries ramp up their military activities thus creating tensions in the region.

South Korean Foreign Minister Chung Eui-yong has offered the idea of easing sanctions against North Korea in order to prompt Pyongyang to join talks.

“Action must be taken as soon as possible to stop North Korea from further developing nuclear and missile capability… I think considering relaxing sanctions can surely be an option,” he told parliament.

The US and Britain plan to raise issues related to Pyongyang’ launches at a UN Security Council summit, according to diplomats.

Throughout the recent months, Pyongyang has increased the number of launches of the missiles of different kinds, including cruise and ballistic missiles. It raised concerns, especially of its neighbors - South Korea and Japan as the latest test made the ballistic missile land in the Japan Sea. Countries in the vicinity said the unexpected rocket tests from North Korea ruin peace and stability in the region. Moreover, North Korea is prohibited by the US from testing its nuclear and ballistic missiles.