Singapore to stop paying COVID medical treatment for unvaccinated

17:27, 09 November 2021
Singapore to stop paying COVID medical treatment for unvaccinated

The Singapore government will not pay medical bills for the treatment of COVID-19 for those who chose not to get vaccinated from December 8, the Minister of Health Ong Ye Kung announced on Tuesday.

“The Ministry of Health will have to charge a fee for treatment for patients with COVID-19 who could be vaccinated but refused to do it. The measure will be introduced on December 8, 2021,” Ye Kung said.

According to the authority arrangements, children under 12 years old and those who cannot be vaccinated against COVID-19 due to medical reasons will receive treatment at the expense of the state.

“COVID-19 patients who are unvaccinated by choice may still tap on regular health care financing arrangements to pay for their bills where applicable,” the ministry added.

The Straits Times reported that two-thirds of elderly patients who have ended up in intensive care units of Singapore hospitals have not received a COVID-19 vaccine, according to an inter-agency disease control group.

At the end of the Summer, Singapore has become the most vaccinated country in the world. The Singapore Ministry of Health reports that more than 85% of the country's population were fully inoculated, and 18% have received booster shots.