US journalist Fenster faces 11 years imprisonment in Myanmar jail

12:27, 12 November 2021
US journalist Fenster faces 11 years imprisonment in Myanmar jail Photo: DannyFenster/

American journalist Danny Fenster on Friday has been found guilty by military-ruled Myanmar for 11 years behind bars, according to his defender and employer.

The imprisonment came after 37-years-old Fenster, the editor of the online news magazine Frontier Myanmar, was accused of incitement and breaching the immigration laws, according to his magazine that called the verdict as “the harshest possible under the law.”

Fenster is the first publicist who has been sentenced to prison in recent years in the country, where on February 1 the military coup d’etat occurred in which hundreds of people have been killed, children were no exception. The elected head Aung San Suu Kyi and his supporters of the National League for Democracy have also been put into custody.

An editor-in-chief of Fenster’s magazine, Thomas Kean, commented on the sentence saying that there was no foundation to accuse Danny of such charges.

The sentence for Fenster followed his arrest in May when the journalist attempted to leave Myanmar and since then he has been thrown in Yangon’s Insein prison.

The family of the arrested has been repeatedly calling for justice to see the family member released as the relatives said they were “heartbroken” by the news of the imprisonment.

Myanmar with a population of nearly 54 million can be also called Burma. The country had such a name before 1989 when the ruling military changed it to Myanmar meaning the same. Several countries initially refused to accept the alteration and purposely kept calling the country Burma.