WATCH: Indian woman fend off leopard using a crutch

18:32, 01 October 2021
WATCH: Indian woman fend off leopard using a crutch Photo:

A leopard attack on a woman, 55, was caught on camera in the Indian city of Mumbai.

The woman Nirmaladevi Rambadan walked outside with a crutch and sat on the backyard bench. She didn’t notice a leopard hiding in the back. The leopard was snacking up as the woman turned around and saw the animal. 

The big cat fell Ramadan to the ground but she could hit the leopard a couple of times using the crutch. The animal admitted defeat and retreaded. Ramadan got off with minor injuries on the chest, face, and back. As a precaution, a scared woman was rushed to the hospital.

It was the third leopard attack in the Mumbai suburb in a week. Four-year-old and three-year-old children were earlier saved by the local inhabitants from the same attacks before.

“We suspect that a female leopard is on the prowl as two cubs have been found in the area. We have set up camera traps and increased patrolling in the area, we’ll soon catch her,” the Indian Deputy Conservator of Forests (DCF), Thane Division said.

It’s been reported that nearby forests are perfectly suitable for leopards to give birth. The human-animal conflicts are rare cases in the area.