Pakistan bus crash kills 33 and injures 40

20:02, 19 July 2021
Pakistan bus crash kills 33 and injures 40 Photo: pixabay.com

The bus rammed into a container truck in central Pakistan.

On Monday a jam-packed bus smashed a container truck on a busy highway.

The cause of the collision is still to be determined.

The bus headed to Dera Ghazi Khan, carrying predominantly workers to their home region for Eid al-Adha fete, a major Muslim holiday. The bus driver reportedly did not survive.

The rescuers sent to the scene have taken the bodies and those injured to a nearby hospital. Sher Khan, the leader of the rescuing group, has stated that some of the victims were in critical condition.

The bus is reported to be overcrowded, with some people staying on the roof. The police have not yet have not yet confirmed the information.

The government’s representatives have already offered their condolences.

Deadly car accidents are common in Pakistan due to poor road infrastructure and drivers’ neglect of traffic laws.